Artist Applications

Apply to sell your work in one of our upcoming shows! 

Sweet Sixteen Show helps artists reach new collectors from across North America and provides them with an opportunity to showcase their artwork with other talented artists. The show is a great way to grow your following and build the artist community.   

To apply, you simply need an image that is similar to the style of artwork that you would like to paint for the show. Your artwork does not need to be ready prior to submitting for the show.  

How the Show Works

Accepted Artists

The Showstopper Award​

Celebrating excellence and innovation, the Sweet Sixteen Showstopper Award is an exclusive recognition for each show’s stand-out artist. It honours unique talent across North America, spotlighting those who push boundaries and set new standards in artistic creativity. 

2024 Winner

Amanda Reber

Amanda Reber is an outdoor adventure artist living in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Her two passions in life are spending time outdoors and painting. She can regularly be found trekking through the backcountry and/or camping, often with her dog Nova. Her outdoor adventures provide limitless inspiration for her art, and her love of the outdoors can be seen in the vibrancy and details of her paintings.